Consulting and Other Services

Consulting and Special Services

OFITG provides highly structured, expert consultation to support domestic and foreign governments, militaries, law enforcement agencies and private corporations throughout the world. We integrate the subject matter expertise and real-world experience of the OFITG team with the client to identify requirements, determine current proficiency, and develop an effective solution to meet the desired end-state objectives. We provide the client the ability to leverage the ever-changing security environment, rather than be crippled by it.

Training and Operations 

Our team can assess any training event, competency program, or organizational activity, identify issues and inefficiencies, and recommend how to achieve the client’s desired objectives. OFITG provides consulting services on all training and operational areas we teach. A sample of those areas are:

  • Individual soldier / LE officer skills
  • Training programs – marksmanship, medical training, functional fitness, and organizational competencies
  • Operation centers
  • Future planning cell processes and SOP
  • Intel / operations fusion
  • Training management
  • SWAT / HRT ROE and associated battle drills

Program Management

OFITG provides global management and technical consulting services to governmental agencies and private enterprises. Every OFITG Program Manager is experienced and certified as a PMP and ensures the client’s performance criteria are met in every detail and serve as the driving force for all activity.


Medical Facility Planning and Design


  • Facilitation of a facts based needs assessment
  • Expert assistance on facility design based on the facility mission
  • CAD designed blueprints that permits client-driven tailoring of rooms/wards
  • Prioritization of equipment acquisition
  • Management of medical facility project redesign

Church and Organizational Contingency Planning

Churches face very real, significant threats to their congregants. However, it is difficult to provide a safe and secure place of worship while maintaining a friendly, inviting atmosphere. At OFITG we offer our clients a holistic approach to church security; we plan for all possibilities, the most likely event to the most dangerous. Some of our offerings are:

  • Initial baseline vulnerability assessment
  • Background checks on all employee / potential hires
  • Client-specific Standing Operation Procedures
  • Staff training for all contingencies
  • Child-parent credentialing system
  • Volunteer credentialing
  • Database and network security
  • PII protection and security measures
  • Emergency medical coverage
  • Special response teams
  • Stand alone communication system
  • Personnel polices
  • Liability screening






Security and Vulnerability Assessments

OFITG provides security evaluations on critical infrastructure, installations and compounds, and personal residences. Evaluations include an assessment by a cross-disciplined team, specific recommendations, and an implementation plan.



Our team provides assessments and recommendations on the implementation or improvement of Recruitment, Assessment, Selection, and Training programs.