Logistics and Medical Solutions


Innovation is the common theme of OFITG logistics solutions. Our logistics team is comprised of career military logisticians with experience rapidly moving massive amounts of cargo, equipment, and resources to austere locations around the world. These professional logisticians are trained and experienced in integrated solutions-based support and supply chain management. From acquisition to delivery to maintenance – no one manages your logistics more effectively and efficiently than OFITG. Some available functions are:A/DACG / airfield operations


  • Central Issue Facility (CIF) operations
  • Acquisition
  • Shipping and receiving
  • Warehousing and distribution – individual equipment, vehicles, and service parts
  • Inventory management
  • Base support logistics – motorpool operations, Ammunition Supply Point creation and management, and utilities 
Motor Transportation Maintenance Instructional CompanyPhase One Operational Readiness Exercise


OFITG provides the full spectrum of medical services to any location in the world. From initial needs assessments to equipping and operating full service hospitals, OFITG provides dependable, elite service to our clients. Some of the available functions are:


  • Medical need assessments
  • Holistic long-range medical planning by state/region
  • Facility design – CAD software allows the design and flow of each facility to be 100% client-driven
  • OFITG designs and equips medical facilities from emergency clinics to full-service hospitals
  • Medical equipment acquisition and management – purchase, shipping, and installation


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