Operations and Operations Support

Organizational Augmentation and Support (Military/Border-Immigration/Counter Drug)


  • Command center augmentation, manning, or operation
  • Contingency planning and synchronization
  • Emergency operational planning and synchronization
  • Mission planning and coordination
  • Augmentation package of special skills personnel
  • Ground operations teams

Foreign Internal Defense Operations (FID)


  • COIN instruction
  • Marksmanship, medical, and combat skills instruction
  • Training management
  • Human rights training / DOS screening and enrollment
  • Logistics and maintenance programs
  • Advisor / mentor to FN Armed Forces
    • aid in planning and coordination
    • embedded advisor on LN operations
    • liaison with USG agencies / departments

Diplomat and Senior Executive Security Details

One of our fundamental tasks is securing high value individuals. We can quickly deploy a team to any location in the world to provide a stable and secure environment for a client. Tasks we can perform are:

  • Planning and management of the entire protective enterprise
  • Protective details for low to medium risk environments modeled after the U.S. Secret Service
  • Protective details for extreme high-risk environments modeled after PSDs used in Iraq and Afghanistan
  • Field multiple details simultaneously while providing control from a central command center

Critical Infrastructure Security 

We provide our clients the best facility security solutions available. Our extensive experience and expertise in securing critical infrastructure permits us to ensure the safe and dependable operation of petroleum, mining, nuclear, and port facilities, regardless of the location or threat. Options include:

  • Custom built threat/vulnerability assessment (predictive)
  • Comprehensive and client-specific mitigation plans to include options for an armed security force, low-visibility personnel, cameras, sensors, monitors, and UAV coverage
  • Dependable communication architecture for austere environment connectivity
  • Biometric technology integration and databases
  • Credentialing
  • Ramped readiness procedures and polices for increased threat conditions
  • Readiness exercises and drills

Base Support Operations (facility management services)


  • Range support
  • Simulator operation
  • POL Points / refueling stations
  • Lodging
  • Vehicle maintenance facility
  • Office space
  • Armory
  • Fire / CFR service
  • Supply chain management
  • Health care services
  • Computer café / call center
  •  MWR / entertainment
  • Power generation and utilities
  • Safety and security
CLB-1 motor transport provides supplies to multiple FOBs



  • Security
  • Operations
  • Training
  • Medical facility design and equipping
  • Client-unique issues