Individual and Low-Level Collective Tasks   


Offerings cover tactical rifle, pistol, and shotgun instruction ranging from basic classes for inexperienced individuals to demanding courses for seasoned shooters who require skill refinement under challenging course scenarios. Some POI options available are:

  • Precision, long-range marksmanship
  • Close Quarters Marksmanship (CQM)
  • Sniper and Designated Defensive Marksman (DDM/SDM)
  • Basic and advanced medium machinegun


  • Combat Life Saver (CLS)
  • ATLS / EMST programs
  • EMT training and certification

Organizational Competencies

  • Organizational common skills
  • Close Quarters Battle Drills (CQB)
  • Small unit tactics
  • Master Breacher training and certification
  • Basic and advanced driving techniques
  • CRC and TSIRT
  • Counter Assault Teams
  • CRTs / HRTs// SWAT
  • Emotional and mental resiliency

Organizational Fitness

  • Analysis of organizational mission and fitness requirements
  • Development of critical physical skills lists
  • Design and implementation of functional fitness programs
  • Development of specialized organizational fitness tests

   Collective and Leader Training   


  • Police and security training programs – basic to SWAT
  • Senior Executive Security Details (SES)
  • Personal Security Detachments (PSD)
  • Command center operations
  • COIN Concepts
  • Intelligence fusion – for TOC/EOC Staffs
  • Targeting process – basic and advanced
  • Threat analysis (CARVER Methodology)
  • Professional education system design
  • Exercise design and execution (PCISE Methodology)
  • RAST program development
  • Training management

   Training Systems  


  • Enhanced Skills Trainer II (EST II)
  • Wheeled and armored vehicle simulators